Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Brightest Kind of Darkness


The Brightest Kind of Darkness… I was hooked at the title.  I mean who doesn’t love a complete contradiction in a title.  Makes you start guessing, questioning- I love the mystery of it all. 

This book was very well written.  I loved how you really are trying to figure things out from the very beginning.  That is why I would very adamantly state:  Do NOT read Ethan (the “0.5 Novella” prequel) before you have read The Brightest Kind of Darkness!  It was awesome to read later and get the back story, but I have a feeling it would ruin the novel if you read its prequel first.  (not to mention it is so obvious that she waited a while before writing Ethan… there are way too many contradictions in story line)

That said, I truly enjoyed both of these books.  However, Lucid (Book 2) fell way short for me.  It’s really obvious that The Brightest Kind of Darkness needed a sequel.  Michelle left too many openings for it not to have one (not really a cliffhanger, but many unanswered questions).  But when I went back and read Ethan and then The Brightest Kind of Darkness again it kind of left me feeling that question:  Do I really want to read Lucid again?  There were too many thing I don’t like in a book.  Jealousy, stupid misunderstandings that could be cleared up if the people involved would just be honest about their feelings and even a little bit of the dreaded… dun,dun,dun… triangle relationship.   

OK, if I’m totally honest the triangle was pretty much all in my head.  Nara never stopped loving Ethan; even for a minute.  It was me.  There were things I didn’t like about Ethan until I read the prequel (which is from his POV) and honestly I kinda liked Drystan better.  I think when I do go back and read Lucid again (which I’m sure I will) now that I know Ethan better I think I’ll like Lucid more.  I’ll stop having the thoughts that Nara shouldn’t trust him and that Drystan is more dependable, etc.  Ethan is really a great guy he, just has… issues.  And at this point in the series I don’t think Michelle has come close to letting us in on what they are.  

I’m looking forward to Destiny and hope that it will be the final installment… only because I’m dying to have my questions about Ethan and Nara answered in full.


  1. Thank you for reviewing of my BKoD books! I'm thrilled you're looking forward to DESTINY's release! :)

  2. when does Destiny come out I CANT WAIT!!!

  3. According to P.T. Michelle's blog page, Destiny will be released at the very end of December 2013. Happy New Year!

  4. DESTINY is here and I will be reviewing it soon!! AWESOME!