Tuesday, November 5, 2013

P.T. Michelle Has Blown Me Away (again)


Wow—Wow—Wow!  You may remember me saying I couldn’t wait for Destiny {HERE} but I had no idea just how good it would be! 

Destiny came out a couple of weeks ago… and I bought it right away, but this was one of those rare books that was SO good I actually slowed down reading it (on purpose) just to savor it.  It was HOT in so many ways.  Parts were steamy and sexy (and, no, the mother in me couldn’t really let that one pass… I mean they are just kids -- 17 is way too young for this stuff -- so I would have preferred a little less of that kind of heat – even if this is one of those books where all the kids think and behave like 30 yr olds), but the rest was just HOT!  There was not a page in this book that wasn’t dripping with passion (and this time I don’t mean the sexy kind).  There was fierce loyalty, jealousy, rage, love, and just about every other strong emotion you could possibly think of.   In fact I went to a website that listed as many human emotions as it could and the only ones that didn't apply were “apathy and boredom” (to see the list I looked at go {HERE} and scroll toward the bottom)

There were times in reading this book that I had to physically put it down and walk away because the emotions were so high and tense that I just couldn’t stand it.   But, inevitably, I would walk straight back to where I left it and start reading again because I just couldn’t completely tear myself away.   And it was written so well that every emotion Nara or Ethan felt, I felt.  It consumed me.

I said before that Lucid made me like Drystan over Ethan, but that going back and reading Ethan really changed that.  In Brightest Kind of Darkness I honestly didn’t always trust Ethan—he was just so edgy and there is such a dark side to him.  At the point when I read Lucid I really felt that Drystan was a better guy… but all that changed in this book.  Maybe it was the fact that it occasionally shifted POV to show what Ethan was really thinking and feeling (and his thoughts were always so bone-melting-passionate loving of Nara), or maybe I just understood him more this time, but Destiny had me cheering for Ethan all the way.  I wanted Drystan and then Danielle to just get out of the way and let Nara and Ethan be what they were meant to be… two halves of a whole.  

About halfway through Destiny I was really blown away!  The first half had me questioning if I could even finish simply because I couldn’t stand the tension between the two (nail-biting all the way).  Nara would not forgive Ethan and it had me so twisted up inside I just wasn’t sure I could read anymore.  But once Nara talked to Madeline everything changed.  In fact it was almost like a shift in the paradigm of the series.  

I really don’t want to give any spoilers on this one (I know… totally not like me, but it was just so mind-blowing that I don’t want to risk messing it up for anyone else).  All I can say is, you have to read Chapter 16!

There is so much more I would like to write but because this is such a new book I really am going to have to leave it without giving anything else away…. All I can say now is, I REALLY can’t wait of the rest of the series.  I thought I would be upset that I didn’t get to see how things tied up for Nara and Ethan in this book, but now I’m truly excited that there will be more to read in the future!

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