Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Why Halloween Creeps Me Out

I. Just. Can’t. Do. It.  I don’t know why.  Shapeshifters, no problem.  Werewolves, who cares.  Vampires, cool.  Just don’t ask me to have anything to do with GHOSTS!

So I’m now in the middle of the second book in a year that I can’t finish because it creeps me out too much.  My daughter would be so ashamed of me admitting this – since ghost stories are her favorite –but honestly I can’t make it through one. 

The last one I tried was called Gravity, by Abigail Boyd.  I didn’t even make it halfway through before it scared me too much and I put it down.  This one is called Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board.  I should have known from the book description on Amazon that it would be too much.  Honestly I don’t know why ghosts scare me more than any other paranormal creature.  I blame it on the movie Sixth Sense.  Ever since I first saw that, however many years ago, I have lost all my ability to have a “good scare” and be done with it.  That movie haunted me… I couldn’t sleep at night for I don’t know how long.  So maybe that’s it. 

Or maybe not.  If we’re going with the premise that a scary movie will turn me off to a certain creature then I should want nothing to do with vampires.  The first time I ever saw Interview with a Vampire I was so scared I couldn’t relax for a week.  I saw it late at night and at the time had a newborn baby.  Maybe it was the getting up in the middle of the night that kept me freaked out or maybe the pregnancy hormones were still surging through my body, but I could not get that movie out of my head for the longest time. (and for those wondering, I have read Anne Rice's book and it was good, but depressing... not at all scary though)

So why do I now have no problem with vampires but still can’t handle ghosts?  Maybe, just maybe, it’s because deep down inside I have this nagging wonder if ghosts are sometimes real.  I’ve never had that thought about vampires, werewolves, or any of the others… but there does seem to be just enough evidence about ghosts that the thought lingers in my head.  And quite frankly that scares me to death!


  1. Ok- first off I'm now going to have to read both books you found scarey. LOL Thanks for the head's up!
    Second I have to comment. I'm going to say what I believe.
    So- I believe in God. In angels. In satan. In demons. I believe they're real and they interact with us. I do believe in one ghost ONLY. The Holy Ghost.
    Having said that- yes- I too am well aware of all the "evidence" that suggests perhaps ghosts are real. The type of ghosts we typically think of. The cold air- the chilly experience- the creepy feeling of being watched- the weird incidents...those type ghosts. Well perhaps there's more to your fear of ghosts than you realize. When our gut tells us something we should listen! However- satan is the master deceiver. It's what he does best! It stands to reason to me-that any way he can deceive us into thinking something he will. Having said that- I believe that all such ghostly encounters of the type I have mentioned are actually demons attempting to cast doubt upon such matters and I believe they have succeeded royally with quite a few people. Many people question if ghosts are real and they point to that undeniable creepy feeling. If they only considered that what they're actually afraid of is actual demons well- I suspect that idea would be a LOT scarier than the idea of ghosts. So if Demons can take our minds off of what we KNOW to be true then they've accomplished their lie and have us believeing what? That dead people walk the earth and haunt? No. I don't believe it. The only instance in which I believe spirits- of the passed dead-return and interact with us- is in those amazing cases in which they are welcoming their loved ones home before they fully die. You know- the cases of people suddenly seeing their long gone spouse- or child-or grandparent whom they miss dearly. This differs GREATLY from what mainstream thoughts would acknowledge. If I suddenly saw my Mamaw I'd know I was in the process of dying but I would be THRILLED to see her! I can't see dead people bothering to play nasty tricks or being stuck here because they can't find their way or still have something to accomplish. It makes a great movie and a creepy read- but I just don't buy it. Nope. I believe such tricks would be the forte of demons and satan. I've had my own such experiences and they scared the-well, the pee outta me. Instead of running from those times and telling all-shoot yeah-ghosts are real-there was this one time...Instead of that- I got up and I called on God and Jesus. I told whatever was scareing the heck out of me to leave in God's name and in Jesus name. I prayed out loud and walked through the house. When I have-it's worked. The presence left. Thing is- I'm not talking about once either. This has been something I've had to deal with on and off through my life. It is as though they KNOW I know who they are and they will test me-usually in my weakest times-attempting to scare me into believing the wrong thing. So ghosts? Nope. Don't believe it and can't be scared by it. But movies with demons- now those freak me out. Demons are REAL. There are many elements to a movie that make it feel real or not real. Some movies have just a few elements in them that scare me and Sixth Sense was very good at getting that hair standing up on the back of your neck fear but it plays right off what I've said doesn't it? You feel scared and they provide the ghosts! In real life-I don't think it's like that. Even with "sightings". When not presently scared, I imagine just how pleased those scummy but yes- creepy-creatures of the dark are when they get yet another of God's children to question what may be.

  2. As you may have noticed I did not include Angels or Demons in the list of creatures I believe to be fictional. I actually do believe in them but don't usually have a problem reading about them because typically the books about them get everything so wrong that it's just fiction. It's kinda like I don't mind fictional witches - Harry Potter - but anything that feels like the Wicca type creeps me out. That's why I stopped reading The Immortals by Alyson Noel series halfway through... started getting out of fiction and into Wicca type stuff.

    Maybe you're right about the ghost stuff being demons messing with us, but even that puts it on the edge of reality so I'm just not going there. Call me a scardy-cat, but that's my stance :)

  3. Your ending is perplexing. What do you mean by "just enough evidence"?

  4. I don't really mean all the creepy feelings that the first commenter mentioned... I was referring more to the times that people have mentioned seeing someone they know to be dead.

    More specifically though, the one irrefutable time is found in the Bible. In the book of 1st Samuel the King Saul is wanting guidance and he seeks out a medium to raise the prophet Samuel from the dead. God allows it and Samuel comes back from the dead to talk to Saul.

    Granted it was said later in the Bible that it was very wicked for Saul to have called up the ghost of Samuel, but I just have a hard time believing that that was the only time in history someone has been called up from the dead.

    Hopefully I'm wrong and that was a one time event, but until someone shows me proof that it was.... I just can't know that for certain. If someone reading this has proof, then by all means tell me