Tuesday, May 13, 2014



There are some books you can’t wait to tell the world about… there are others you don’t want to admit you read… and for each one in either of these categories there hundreds more that fall somewhere in between.  

Bloom is definitely an “in between” kind of book, though it leans closer to the “don’t want to admit” category.  It has an interesting story and I like the back and forth POVs (they aren’t at all hard to tell apart—so that was well done).  Based on the last page of the book (and that it’s called The Bloom Trilogy) there will be sequels, but… meh.  The only part that keeps me somewhat interested is that Kensey hasn’t really gotten into the relationship between Haven and Colton yet.  That might be worth a read.  

I think the main part that lost my interest is the fight scenes.  They are just not written well enough to keep my attention.  The characters are both interesting… I like their ways of thinking.  The plot was good and not something that’s been done to death—the idea of harnessing the energy around you isn’t completely unique, but the way it was done here was different. 

Yes, all in all it was the fight scenes that make this such a “meh” book.  If there were only a couple of them it wouldn’t be a big deal, but most of the book is made up of them.  One after another there are scenes of this crazy energy being described and despite being able to visualize it in my head, it just wasn’t interesting. 

I guess what it all boils down to is that this barely kept my attention enough to make it through one book so definitely not three.  All in all, no thumbs up from me.

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