Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cleaning Up My List (a little)

So right now I have a list of books on my kindle that have all been read but I haven’t written about them.  This list is an annoyance because it’s not a folder, it’s on the main page, mocking me at how far behind I am.  So rather than let it keep mocking I’m going to knock them all out in one fell swoop and move on.  Hold on to your seats:

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Remembrance by Michelle Madow… good story.  Well written.  About reincarnation, but not in a preachy way.  It’s basically two people who meet, and fall fast for each other only to find that they were together in a previous life.  He knew this all along, but was scared to admit the mistakes he made in the past life because he’s afraid they will repeat (eventually she remembers enough of the previous life to know this and how to fix things so they don’t repeat in this life).  I didn’t read the sequel because the sample of it on Amazon let me know that it switches POV to a person I didn’t really like in this book and don’t really feel like getting to know well enough to start liking in the next book.

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Fledgling by Natasha Brown.  A shapeshifter story.  Different than most as the main character has no powers of her own.  She discovers that the boy she is falling for is a shapeshifter though.  It was actually very touching and I enjoyed it, but I never got around to reading the next book… possibly because it seemed too predictable what would happen next at this point.  Who knows, the next book might have been a total surprise, but I lost interest. 

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The Amulet by Alison Pensy.  One of the worst written books I’ve encountered in a while but the story was good enough to keep me reading to the end.  Even good enough that I might possibly read the second in the trilogy.  Centers on Fairies, but not much about them is the traditions that typically make me not like fairy stories.  These aren’t the tricky, sneaky kind of fairies.  They are really the sweet kind like you might find in the Disney show Tinkerbell … except they are powerful warriors, so maybe not Disney material.  Like I said, very good storyline and I liked the characters too…. Just could have been put to paper more smoothly… I just didn’t FEEL what the characters were feeling.  I do think the writing was improving by the end so maybe I will read the next book (or perhaps, I just got used to it – I’ll never know until I try again).

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Kissed (The Thorn Chronicles) by Kimberly Loth.  This book seemed to ooze negativity.  I had a very hard time while reading to keep the negativity in my head and not let it seep into the people surrounding me every time I looked up (or more often, was interrupted), in fact I’m not sure I did a very good job keeping it in so that’s the main reason I didn’t read book 2.  It was very well written or it wouldn’t have passed its emotions on to me like that… poorly written books don’t grab your emotions… this did.  And even though everything worked out for a happy ending, it still left me feeling negative.

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Cornerstone by Misty Provencher.  I thoroughly enjoyed this one.  I really liked the characters (main character was a little dense in one area, but over all I liked her).  The story was interesting as well.  Not incredibly “different” from others I read, but still very likable.  This is definitely one I’m considering reading book 2.  Basically a girl who learns she’s not a nobody like she’s always thought, but that she has powers.  That part isn’t very original, but the part about her mom was.  (I’ll leave you hanging on that one.)


As you might be able to deduce I have a bit of ADD when it comes to reading.  If it’s really good I can’t put it down, but even if I’m liking the story it takes something fairly spectacular to get me to A) pay good money for a book (most of the time book 1 is free to get you hooked and book 2 costs money)  B) keep me interested enough to remember to look up book 2.  Many times I’m just ready for a new story and new characters by the end of the first book (ironic since I basically shy away from meeting new people in real life, I LOVE meeting new imaginary friends in my books, LOL).

AND ONE LAST BOOK… This one falls into the amazing category and as soon as I can emotionally handle it I will read the next one in the series!

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Toxic by Rachel Van Dyken.  WOW.  This one REALLY deserves its own post, but I want my list cleared… so here goes.  I wrote about the first in the series Ruin {HERE} and you might remember that I gushed on and on about it.  Incredibly moving.  I have now cried through it twice!  Toxic was nearly just as moving.  I loved finally getting into the mind of one of the minor characters, Gabe, from Ruin.  And what an incredibly sweet and amazing mind he has.  The only thing that kept it from being quite as moving was that I had a hard time accepting that someone could/would carry that much guilt for such a long time over something that wasn’t actually their fault (technically it was their fault, but not in the sense that they meant to cause harm).  I guess what it really boils down to as far as not getting its own post is that I can’t think of a way to say more than this without giving anything away and this is one you can’t read with spoilers in your head or it just won’t hold the right weight.  Just read it (this story is nothing paranormal for those of you not into that… just an amazingly sweet and moving love story) but definitely read Ruin first or this is pure spoiler.

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