Monday, December 10, 2012

While I Was Sick

I haven’t written in a while because I’ve been sick.  Like, can-barely-lift-my-head kind of sick.  What I could lift was - my kindle.  Yea!  Otherwise I would have gone insane.  Two full weeks on the couch and I don’t particularly like TV.  I did watch a couple of Christmas movies with my daughters, but other than that I read.  Morning to night, I read.  One day I figured out that I read a total of 12 hours between waking and going back to sleep (oddly enough that’s not my all-time record, but it still gives you glimpse into my world for the last two weeks).

So here is what I read:

Midnight Sun – by Stephanie Meyer
Twilight – by Stephanie Meyer
New Moon – by Stephanie Meyer
Eclipse – by Stephanie Meyer
Breaking Dawn – by Stephanie Meyer
Tears of the Broken – by A.M. Hudson (but only the first half because I decided halfway through that the true definition of insanity is reading the same book over and over but expecting (wanting) a different ending… hmm, I think I’ll explain that in its own post)
Spider Wars – by Angela Carlie
Loramendi’s Story – by Angela Carlie
Dark Horse – by Angela Carlie
Stained – by Ella James
Stolen – by Ella James
Chosen – by Ella James

I also spent way too much effort researching when the next book in several different series will be coming out.  Probably tracking down the authors and emailing them to ask was a bit much, but there wasn’t exactly allot I could do from my couch so I went a little stir crazy.

So I read about:  vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, nephilium, and (of course) humans.  And I have to ask myself: “so what?”  What did I learn?  Was I simply wasting time because I didn’t feel good or is there something I can take away from this?

I have decided that what I learned in all this is:  humans are remarkable.  Humans have a God-given gift for creating things that don’t exist, right within their own heads.  Not only that but they can make them so real on paper that another human can almost see what they were imagining.  No other creature on earth has that ability.  This isn’t something we should just throw out or take lightly.  It’s special.  And whether we chose to read fantasy, paranormal, romance, mystery or whatever, we should chose to learn something from it.

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