Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Curl Up and Read

     This time of year is so busy and all I really want to do is curl up and read a good book.  Instead I’m rushing from one thing to the next.  Honestly, most times of year I would like to just read instead of facing all the millions of things I need to do, but the “responsible adult” that I try to pretend to be can’t do that.  

     Here are some tips though that I have learned over the years that help me get that much needed time with my imaginary friends (as I call the characters in my books):

     #1.  Any wait is a good time to read.  Case in point: yesterday I needed to get new tires on my car.  For most this is considered a hassle.  I, on the other hand, welcomed it as a time to pull out a book and sit, without guilt, to read.

     #2.  Always have a book at hand.  You never know when you might get a chance to pull it out.  Such as when my doctor’s appointment was over before the store to which I needed to go had opened.  Ding, Ding, Ding… perfect reading opportunity.

     #3.  It is never too short a time to pull out your book.  Maybe the grocery store line is long, yea!  Or better yet the line at the drive through bank.  (Just don’t get so lost in your story that you forget to move up or the people behind you get upset.   Oops… can you hear the voice of experience talking here?)

     #4.  You can do any task quickly if you are focused on the goal:  more reading time.  A task that would normally take an hour can easily be speeded up to half that if you know you can use that extra time to read.

     So I hope that even though you are busy (both during this time of year and others) you will still find time to spend with a good book.  Just keep remembering those little moments and don’t lose yourself in the stress of the hour. 

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