Friday, February 1, 2013

Imaginary Friends

This may be my shortest post ever, but I need to know:  Is it normal to miss someone who doesn’t actually exist?  I mean not in an I-just-set-the-book-down-blues kind of way, but in a miss-your-best-friend-who’s-gone-away-for-the-year way.  

See the problem is that I miss Edward and Bella.  Ok, so more Edward than Bella (I mean, who wouldn’t miss Edward more than Bella, he’s amazing? Right?) but still, it’s like I’m sad that I haven’t been with them in a couple months and I miss hanging out with them.  I call them my imaginary friends for a reason.  I really feel like they are people that I know and like.  So even though I’m making new friends (been reading allot of other good books lately) there are still those friends who, no matter how long it’s been, you just long to talk to and catch up with and none of your great new friends are ever truly going to take that place in your heart.

So my question to you:  Do I need to seek help?  Or just go pick up my favorite books again?


  1. Answers: nay and then probably so
    I feel like the picture couldnt fit any better :)

  2. I want friends like that. The picture is endearing and a wonderful depiction for your posting. I'd like to also say that your posts are wonderful to read and thought provoking. Keep it up and someday, possibly, I can discover some friends like that too.