Tuesday, June 4, 2013



This was a definitely unique look at the weather, in more ways than one.  It had a good plot:  not something I’d ever even considered before, which is saying a lot with how many paranormal books I’ve read.  In the Elementals people could control things like the weather, I’ve just never heard of people actually BEING weather.  Sort of makes you think though:  I mean, they do name hurricanes…

Janelle is just an ordinary girl… until she moves close to the ocean.  Turns out there is so much she doesn’t know.  If this story doesn’t leave you just a bit paranoid I’d be shocked.  Once she’s being chased it’s like they know her every move before she does… and yet each time they do have a reason to know, so it doesn’t completely get that unbelievable quality of James Bond or anything.  (No disrespect to Bond at all; one of my favorite movie characters of all time.  Just pointing out the believability factor of the plots he’s in is pretty low.)  

I do have to talk a bit about Gary though… not high on my list of favorite love interests.  He’s kinda boring for a hurricane.  I mean it’s great that he was trying to help her and tell her the truth, but if he had just kept out of it she would have been fine.  I know he was trying to “make amends,” but in reality he just came across as a bit lame.  All he was really good for was some emotional support, and even then… not great.  I want a guy who is a little harder to figure out.  One who has at least one badass thing about him; especially if that one thing gives him the ability to help or protect his girl.

All in all, I liked it OK; but I doubt I’ll read it again.  Maybe Holly Hook's next “natural” disaster will be better, but I don’t know if I’ll bother to read it or not. 

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