Monday, June 10, 2013

Why Waiting Sucks

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Remember a while back that I mentioned Kate and Vincent at the end of the post found {HERE}?  I promised that I would give them their own post at some point?  Well, here it is:

 June of 2012 I bought 2 absolutely amazing books and once again my biggest pet peeve kicked in (this may have been one of the things that started it being a huge peeve to be honest):  the 3rd and last book in the trilogy wasn’t out yet.  So I did what any normal bibliophile (is that a contradiction in terms?) would do.  After complaining to anyone who would listen I started stalking the author, Amy Plum.  Her Facebook page, her blog, I may have even emailed her… and finally all that work paid off.  We had a release date!  Yea!  May 1, 2013.

So why am I just now writing about this?  No it didn’t take me 4 weeks to read the final book.  What happened was just crazy.  First, life got busy.  Duh!  There was a book I wanted to read, of course Murphy showed up and everything that could possibly go wrong, did.  Then, as I always do when a new book in a series is released: I wanted to reread the first 2 books to re-immerse myself into the world of Revenants.  This is where things started to go bad.  

For some unknown reason I decided to read a review on for the first book: Die For Me.  Big Mistake.  This meant that all through that book I was looking for all the things that were slammed in that review.  Really messed up my enjoyment of that book.  I would be a complete hypocrite if I were to slam reading reviews (since that’s basically what this blog is).  However, if you already know you love something, and you can tell the review is going to dis the thing you love, you really should just put it down (kinda like walking away from someone who is starting to bad-mouth a person you care about).  I will say that I didn’t find many of the things they were preaching, but just feeling like I should be looking for them messed it up for me.

Then I was actually reluctant to start (and honestly took a long time to read) the second book: Until I Die.  Why was this?  I asked myself that over and over.  After all I’ve been waiting almost a year to re-enter this amazing world.  If I’m really transparent, the answer is that Plum’s making us wait for a year on the biggest cliffhanger since Dumbledore’s death was almost traumatic.  I didn’t want to go through the pain and betrayal that Kate faced at the end of this book again.  It was even harder knowing it was coming!  But I pushed on. (after all, I promised y’all this post)

Boy am I glad I did!  If I Should Die was SO worth the wait.  Honestly, there were some things that I expected to happen.  I totally predicted the big “Revenant/Champion plot twist.”  I mean, it was pretty obvious from the moment the Champion was mentioned in the second book.  (*pause* hopefully you have already read my previous posts and know that I write under the assumption that you have read the book before; so spoilers are kind of a non-issue)  BUT… I musy say that the rest of the book was completely unpredictable.  I assumed it would begin with a storming of the castle in Loire... nope.  I assumed they would get Vincent out or die trying… nope.  Turns out Amy Plum’s story was much more fascinating.

I guess the one thing I did have a problem with was the very last chapter.  I really wish Kate & Vincent had been more bold and expressed their un-dying (excuse the pun) love for each other.  In actuality it was much too subdued for me.  Oh, well, I guess that just proves once again that the writer of the review I read was wrong.  And I’m good with that.

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