Tuesday, August 27, 2013



Finally, I finished something worth writing home (or in this case: a blog post) about.  It’s not that I haven’t been reading, just nothing I really cared to write about. 

This is a good, sweet, and yet still really suspenseful, YA romance (note the lack of the word “paranormal” in that description… see, sometimes I read stuff without that element, lol).   So a twist (pardon the pun) on the “new girl in town” scenario.  Yes, Maya is technically “new” but this is the town she lived in for the first half of her life so she does already know some people.  In fact she even knew Ben back in the day, but apparently puberty has done miraculous things to both of them. 

This is not an instant love though.  They really have their share of hardships.  Falling for the most hated guy in town can do that to you.

So why was Ben hated so much?  Wrongful accusations can have a profound impact, especially in a small town.  Definitely something to be learned in this about what gossip can do.  I mean, I know the police took him in at first, but once he was cleared (and the right guy found and convicted) Ben should have been welcomed back.  I think that would have made all the difference.

I guess what surprised me so much was that the guy who had been eventually been convicted of the crime really was the one who did it.  I kept thinking that it was someone else (not Ben of course, but I just didn’t really believe that they had got the right person). 

I think what I liked most about this story is the believability of it.  I know, coming from someone who loves paranormal that seems weird, right?  But honestly their emotions all made sense, and that’s what I look for even in a magic-filled fantasy.  The more you learned about Maya the more you could understand why Ben is the kind of guy she’d fall for.  And the more you found out about what Ben’s life has been like in the past few years the more you get why he would try to shield Maya by pushing her away; and yet would fall so hard for the first person who honestly cared about him.

This is a great read: I would highly recommend it. 

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