Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Forbidden Forest


 Great book.  Couldn’t put it down, really.  But for some reason I didn’t want to read the sequel (not saying I won’t eventually, but I haven’t at this point).

Forbidden Forest is like a weird mix between Narnia and Twilight- with an edge.  So what reminds me of each?  Well, there is a separate world, Regia, that can be reached by entering a magic door (this one happens to be in a lady’s restroom rather than a wardrobe, but who am I to judge?).  Once in that separate world you have a huge Vampire vs. Werewolf dispute on the brink of war (Twilight anyone?).  Despite the other various paranormal creatures who inhabit this world vamps and werewolves take center stage.

The edge part comes mostly in the form of Forest herself.  She’s older than many of the heroines in YA novels, and definitely more jaded.  She trusts no one, and for good reason.  She’s an outsider.  A mixed breed.  And in a place that is supposedly very tolerant of all breeds a mix is still on the outskirts of society.  Forest is half elf and half shapeshifter.  She can make herself appear in any form she wants (though she does have a little trouble keeping her pointed ears from showing themselves) and she has all the stealth and tracking skills of an elf.

Forest’s job is to work for the “government” of Regia (which, by the way, is run by vampires) and guard the portal from Regia into Earth.  Most of the story takes place in Regia though.  Forest gets called to do a very special, very secret mission in Regia- she is to escort and protect the prince (obviously a vampire) into Werewolf territory so that he can seek out one of the few remaining wizards and regain his sight.  There is just one small problem… Forest loathes vampires!  (Throughout the story you find out that she has more than enough good reasons.)

This is by far one of the most interesting books I’ve read in a while.  It is very complex in its plot (not quite as much in its character development).  There are so many players and they all have weird names so it can be hard to follow, but so worth it.   In fact, the more I write, the more convinced I am that I need to get on with the second book.  It really was too good to be left hanging.

…to be continued… (at some point)

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