Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Through Glass


So everyone who read my Imdalind Series post {HERE} knows that I adore Rebecca Ethington.  She is one of the most amazing authors I’ve found in quite some time.  However, I was not as blown away by Through Glass (sorry Rebecca) as Imdalind.

I’ll begin by being totally honest:   Before I even started it I wasn’t thrilled with the fact that is was obviously (based on the synopsis presented by Ethington) a dystopian novel.    I don’t like dystopian novels as you may remember from previous posts.    However, my new-found love of      Hunger Games required that I give this a chance  (and besides, it IS Rebecca Ethington… how could I not?)

This dystopia was not brought on by society running itself into the ground, it was brought on by monsters.  That part I liked better than your average dystopia.  What usually gets me about dystopian is that they could happen.  The part I didn’t like was the complete and utter hopelessness that permeated the book.  It was very well written… so much so that reading it made me feel hopeless and I didn’t like that feeling.  

I loved the beginning love story, and kept wishing that it had lasted longer… before the world went black.  Cohen and Alexis were so sweet together and I could have gotten into a whole story just about them falling in love.  I think maybe that’s what made the next part of the book so hopeless, that they were so perfect together, but now they can’t actually BE together.  They can just communicate through the glass.

Rebecca asked that bloggers not post spoilers, so I will respect that.  What I will say though is:  this book is worth your time if you just keep reading.  The first half or so of the book is hard, but then there is a shift and it starts moving really fast!  Once things shift some of the hopelessness lifts just because there is so much else to think about.

This may not be Imdalind, but I’ll definitely be waiting for the sequel… what a cliffhanger! 

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