Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Boring vs Irritating

Sometimes you read a book and you just can’t put your finger on why it… for lack of a better word, sucks.  I mean the plot is interesting, the characters are ok and yet it’s just boring!

Flight was just such a book.  Can I point to a reason I didn’t like it?  Not really.  But I just couldn’t finish it.  I kept reading until I finally got to the point that I discovered the supernatural element and even then it couldn’t hold my attention.  

And really this was a mystery to me.  I mean how can finding out that the guy she’s being romantically pursued by can FLY be such a yawn?  I kept reading because there was just an edge of mystery and I wanted to know what this guy’s secret was… so it turns out he can fly and my reaction was basically “Hmmm… guess I didn’t see that coming.  Oh well, still doesn’t make it less boring.”  And I closed the book (and by that I mean turned off the Kindle of course).  

I mean there are obviously some books that you know from the get-go are poorly written.  See my post entitled “Not All Books Are Great” to see the names of several that I didn’t like and at least one that was terrible from page one!  But some books you get all the way to the end before realizing you just wasted hours of your life on something “blah”.  

The only one I’ve really gotten mad about having my hours of life robbed away with was the Reflections Series by Dean Murray.  I think part of what made me mad was that I read 3 books liking them, only to be thrown a curve-ball at the end of the 3rd book that made me want to throw the book across the room!  It was like this:  Book #1 – Broken : Girls’ POV they meet and fall in love… she finds out he’s a werewolf and accepts it and they move on.  Book #2 Torn : is basically the same story as #1 but from the guy, Alec’s, POV.  Book #3 Splintered : switches back and forth in POVs and the couple faces some difficulties, but seem to be working through them when suddenly in the last chapter BAM!  Adri’s mom comes home (for most of the story she’s been living on her own, despite only being in High School) and says something about not liking Alec and so Adri suddenly can’t handle Alec being a werewolf, dumps him (through a note, no less) and leaves town.  Then you’re supposed to rush out and buy Book #4 to see how things work out???  I don’t think so!  Especially when Mr. Dean Murray puts a note at the end of the book saying how he doesn’t see this resolving within the next book… but maybe by Book #5.  Sorry, don’t do an emotional 180 on me and then expect me to keep paying for your books.  They weren’t THAT well written…. I do know some authors that I would have kept reading but not this – for one thing the really good authors would have given me enough hints that I wouldn’t have been blindsided… in other words Adri’s emotions would have given her away before the last chapter.

So there you have it –a couple more books I would NOT recommend.  And even if you’re looking for good books to read, it always helps to know which ones to steer clear of as well.  

BTW- I read the Reflections Series over a year ago and have only just calmed down enough to write a blog about them, so if you are the kind of person who likes having your emotions put in a blender… well, they do keep you tightly wound.

 Also, I’m not saying I’ll never give Flight a second chance.  See my post {HERE} for why…

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