Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Heartbreak over Kiss


I tried to find something new to read this week, and I’m stumped.  I can’t find anything new that seems worth the time… so I decided instead to re-read The Imdalind Series.  Partly because I didn’t feel like searching anymore and partly because I need to be ready for the release of Soul of Flame in less than a month **YEA** and I want to have ALL the details from the first 3 books fresh in my mind.  However, I wasn’t prepared to have my heart ripped out in the first few chapters of Kiss of Fire.

Why, you may ask?  I had forgotten just how sweet Ryland was in the beginning…  How he cared for Joclyn and attended to her every need…  How they had been true friends for so long.  I was prepared to go on hating him for being weak.  Because by the end of Eyes of Ember that’s what I did.  I hated him for letting his father control him.  For being such a boy… so selfish in comparison to Ilyan’s self-sacrifice and undying devotion.  But now my heart is torn.  How can I hate him for simply being what every 18 year old is… immature.   

Why, Rebecca Ethington, must you torture me?  Why must you make me feel so much for Ryland when I now know what he will become?  In the end I will always choose Illyan because Joclyn deserves a man who is strong, and can face Edmund head on, but this has just re-shown me how Rebecca can steal my heart… even when I know what will happen next (though maybe now I will be a little more understanding if Jos doesn’t end up with Ilyan – or not... I do love Ilyan so much).

**BTW- Check out the new cover.  Isn't it awesome!**


  1. After finishing the first three books, I wasn't ready to be done! So, to make the time go faster until Feb. 17, I also decided to reread the books. I have just started the first one . . . really excited to reread them!!

    1. I am SO hoping she ends up with Ilyan . . . love him

    2. I feel the same. If they don't have a happy ending I just don't know what I'll do...