Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring Break Reading


Over Spring Break I read a couple of new books.  Even though I’m not in school anymore having kids in school means that Spring Break still marks a significant change in our schedule… this year it meant vacation to see relatives and lots of good reading time in the car. 

The first book I read is called Pinhurst by Nicole Grane.  It was really good and I found it very entraining, enough that when I was done I immediately bought Pinehurst: The search for the Oracle.  I didn’t make it very far into the second book.  The main reason is that I didn’t like Evie popping back and forth into Hell.  The first book ended with her making a deal with Hades – at the time she thinks he’s Satan, but finds out the truth later… personally I don’t get the difference much except that Greek mythology dictates Hades and the Bible is what tells us about Satan but apparently in the Pinhurst books Hades is worse (go figure).   

So there’s that.  Then there is the whole thing about who she’s “dating.”  See, in book one she really liked Antonio but he kept turning her away, so when Roland asked her to the dance she said yes.  But now that Antonio and her sort of “hooked up” on the first trip to Hell she doesn’t seem to know that it’s only right to tell Roland that she’s with Antonio – instead she is stringing him along in case Antonio changes his mind… way too much high school drama for me (yes, even me, who reads and writes about YA novels).  So basically the second book earned a **YAWN** rating and I didn’t read very far into it.

But Spring Break is far from over so we’ll see what I can find to read from here.

BTW- If anyone cares to enlighten me on why the Hades vs Satan is such a big deal, please comment.

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