Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Break Reading : Part 2


So the next book I found to read over Spring Break was SO much better.  

Sora’s Quest is set in a mystical land that seems, at first glance, similar to medieval England.  Once you get more into it you learn of the different races who have almost died out.  You are introduced to Wolfies (humanoid creatures with some wolf-like looks and talents) and their magic and later there are Catlins (who look like… wait for it… Cats).  There are other races, but they are only mentioned superficially in this first book of the series. 

Sora is an interesting character who starts out coddled and soft, but grows into a great heroine along the way.  She is kidnapped in the beginning and so of course my immediate thoughts is “oh great… this going to be the worst case of Stockholm Syndrome ever” (it was classified as YA Paranormal Romance after all), but honestly there isn’t a bit of that.  It is only toward the very end that she develops a friendship with Dorian (who is a friend to the man who kidnapped her), and it isn’t until the very last few pages that she admits to herself that she no longer loathes Crash (the one who did kidnap her).  And really that isn’t until he lets her go and is leaving her that she realizes that she no longer has those negative feelings toward him.  I see a potential for the relationship in the coming series because in one of the chapters from his POV you can see that she is getting to him… but then he leaves (for her own good of course) so I honestly don’t know at this point where that could go… or if she’ll ever see him again. 

What I do know is that I’m interested enough that I will probably read Viper’s Creed which is book 2 in the series.  I can’t say that I honestly learned a lot from this book… maybe not to judge a person before you get to know them… but it was still a fun read and kept my attention.

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