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Wow!  So last post I mentioned vampires would be my next book and, ironically, that’s what I read.  Why do I say ironically?  Because I already had the book on my Kindle, but I hadn’t paid any attention to what kind of book it was until I opened it and really didn’t realize it was about vampires until I was pretty well into it.  Even more ironic, when I went back to look at the book description (checking to see if it was a subconscious thing) from it I would have guessed werewolves but not vampires… turns out it’s both. 

I will start by saying I loved this book.  It really took me back to the first time I read Twilight.  Not because it was similar but because it was DIFFERENT!  Twilight was the first time I had read new “rules” for vampires.  It was the first time I saw someone challenge the accepted myths and I liked it.  This did it again.  In an entirely different way it challenged the stereotypical vampire.  Awesome!

HOWEVER, I would not be true to what I am trying to do with this blog if I wasn’t totally upfront about the fact that there was something I really didn’t like.  Namely, that the main character (who was turning 18 in the story) was having sex.  I mean, really???  Did it have to go there?  I get that supposedly they were married in a previous life, but she didn’t know that when they first got together.  The only saving grace in this whole issue is that there were no descriptions of what they did… I think the closest it got was her daydreaming the next day about something like “skin on skin.”  But still, it was unnecessary!

So, back to what I loved.  The vampire trying to be “good” has been done but not in the same way as this.  And honestly I just loved all the main characters.  Liz, Briton, and Liv… just not their names—honestly!  Who names the main 2 best friend characters Liz and Liv???  It was impossible to keep up with who was doing/saying what!  But they did have great personalities!   

I don’t think I ever really did understand how old Briton really is, but I know it was WAY older than Edward and people thought it was weird that he was attracted to Bella.  In Twilight they explained it off as when you are "turned" you stop maturing (though all the Cullens seem really mature).  Here, she didn’t even try to explain it… which made it a bit weird for me even with Twilight as a framework.  (Maybe I had more trouble with it because of the physical nature of their relationship).

Overall though I really enjoyed the book and would recommend it to anyone over 18 yrs old.  A good back-to-paranormal read!   

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