Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Glorified Abusive Relationship


Could there be any one more naive?  I doubt it.  Honor goes from being freaked out and thinking the new guy is some sort of stalker to dating him in just a couple page turns.  And honestly he fit the stalker part better. 

Then there is the relationship once it starts... he's borderline abusive.   Why do I label it "borderline" because he never hit her and he didn't ever get to the point of calling her names or such... however,  he talks down to her all the time.  Then when she realizes that’s what he’d doing, that it's not ok and gets mad at him, he turns around and makes her feel guilty (which is why it's more than him just being a jerk... abusers always make their victims think it's their fault).  And this may seem small, but I just couldn't take the way he calls her "hon" all the time.  REALLY condescending in a teen relationship.  "Hon" is what the 60+ year old waitress calls the kid at her table... not what a teen boyfriend uses to endear. 

Top all that off with the whole "my brother is evil despite all the evidence to the contrary" and it just gets flat out annoying!  More hints at abuse to come when he gets mad every time Honor even speaks to his brother.  Just let her make some of her own decisions... you've only known her a week!  Why should she trust you and not him?  These are all red flags at the beginning of a relationship.

I guess now is a good time to admit I did not read the whole thing.  It just got too much!  I don't know why you'd want to read about an emotionally abusive teen romance.  BLECH!    

Do I think it might have redeeming qualities toward the end?  Who knows.  It’s not worth reading the first part to find out!  Especially since this is the first of a trilogy... how much would I have to read before something good came up?  Definitely thumbs DOWN from me! 

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