Monday, March 23, 2015

More Stories About Angels

Writing has taken a backseat to a lot of things in my life lately, but reading… well, I’m not sure I could get through life without that.  So what have I been reading?  One of the best series I’ve read has been The Hidden Wings Series.  Yep, back to Angels and Nephilim.  The thing about stories like this isn’t at all whether I believe in things like them… of course I believe in Angels (and Nephilim are mentioned in the Bible but I don’t really think they’re around anymore) but I don’t think any of the stuff in these books is true.

See, I think authors really like the idea of supernatural beings and they want their stories to be believable so they feel that if they make them about beings that have a hint of truth people will believe their stories more.  The thing is that they don’t really take their beings from true, Biblical accounts… just the name and a few ideologies (ie beauty, wings, access to Heaven, etc) and then build their story on that.  And for me that’s ok, because I know what I believe and what the Bible teaches and so in my mind they’re just as mythical/paranormal as the rest of the stories I read.  

So, on to this story.  I LOVE these characters.  I know, I sound like a broken record, but besides good writing characters are everything to me (I can even ignore some less than good writing if the characters are good enough).  And WOW, Emma and Cade are beyond amazing!  Emma is so real!  She’s the kind of character you would love to have in your life because you just want to hang out with her.  She’s SO good, and yet she’s not perfect.  She would make a fantastic friend.  Incredibly loyal, witty, and engaging.  It’s no wonder all the guys seem to fall for her.  But she’s great to her BFF girl friend too.  There’s no discrimination there.

And then there’s Cade…. Swoon!!  What female wouldn’t be in love with him??!!??  Gorgeous, sweet, protective (but not at all overbearing), and even willing to give up anything and everything for her whether she chose him or not.  I think I loved him even more when he understood Emma’s struggle about Ethon than before Ethon was in the picture.  He understood that there was a supernatural pull that Emma felt for Ethon and despite his love for her, he gave her the freedom to choose and not push her into choosing between them. 

So then there’s Ethon.  Well, part of me hated him for coming between her and Cade, but the other part just couldn’t hate him.  He might have been evil personified, but he was still incredibly tender and sweet with her.  And honestly, he couldn’t help that he was born half devil.  In the end, however, I wasn’t too torn up to see him out of the picture…. I was too torn up about Cade at that point to feel much of anything for Ethon.

So this is where I decide not to tell you more because this is one I don’t want to give many spoilers for.  Let me just tell you that I stayed up to the wee hours of the morning reading the last book because it was just too great to put down.  

Recommendation level: HIGH!!!  (Just keep in mind that this is not the way Angels really operate)

Quote of the day was said by me, to my husband, while I was in the middle of book 2…. He asked if I would rather watch a movie than read.  My response:  “Well, they just reached the 4th level of Hell, so I think I want to find out what happens next.” (this earned me the oddest look from the man who is used to the weird things I read…. I guess this on just passed over the line, lol)

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