Friday, March 6, 2015

I’ve been reading so much lately, just not much I haven’t read before.  I always love to visit old friends.  But a couple weeks ago I was ready to move on to something new.  That’s when I found Rebirth.  

This is not one of those books I’m going to gush about (if it were I’d have read the whole series by now), but it was definitely a page-turner.  I really enjoyed the characters.  The plot was ok, not terribly original, but enough to keep me interested.  It was Jackie’s feisty nature and Garrett’s unpredictability that I really liked.  I also loved the comradery in the interactions between Jackie and her team of Shifters. 

As far as the story goes… obviously about Shifters (duh… it’s in the title) but also Vampires, Fae, and Witches (though none of the witches are main characters there is one who does some serious damage).  I found the interaction of creatures in this story interesting simply because it wasn’t quite the norm for a book that mixes paranormals. 

In this story the Vampires are feared and disliked by the Shifters.  Even though a good vamp can get all he needs to survive without harming anyone (he can feed off their energy and doesn’t HAVE to take blood) there is still a deep distrust of them.  Maybe because, as we find out, they aren’t all good… in fact Garrett may be the anomaly. 

I think this is a story that I will eventually revisit.  There is clearly much more to the story than what was in the first book.  Honestly, part of what turned me off to reading book 2 right away is the very obvious fact that the Fae will be more heavily involved in the coming book (Rebirth ends with the invitation to visit the two opposing Fae Kings… something you don’t refuse if asked) and if you’ve read previous posts you might remember that Fae are not among my favorite creatures.  Too tricky!  Not to mention the pet peeve I have about even calling them Fae instead of Fairies just to make it seem more “real.”

So, I guess if I continue to read the series I’ll re-post…. But don’t look for it TOO soon.

If you like Shifters and their interactions with other paranormals (and you don't mind Fae) as with all my posts, you can click on the picture above to be taken the Rebirth page at

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