Monday, April 1, 2013

Can't Wait for "Spirit"

So I just finished Spark, by Brigid Kemmerer.  Can’t believe it took me so long to read the whole thing.  Or maybe I can.  I read Elementals, and Storm a while back.  They were great!  As one reviewer said: “Five hot guys with paranormal powers, what’s not to love?”  

Michael’s story was what got me hooked, but then that’s all it’s really there for.  A free ebook that’s only 7 chapters and doesn’t really tell the whole story?  You know she just wrote it (along with several other novellas) to get us antsy for more… and it works, let me tell you! (BTW- it’s gone up to $.99 now in case you’re looking for it)

Then I read about Chris and loved him.  Such a sweet guy, but not at all a sissy… hard to find in a book these days.  After reading those I really wanted the next one… which of course wasn’t published yet (back to my biggest pet peeve!)  So I pre-ordered it.  Dumb idea.  When it came out I wasn’t in the right mood, but had already paid for it so I started it anyway. 

Well, here’s where my biggest problem with the books is:  they’re about guys, tough guys – based on all the fights they get in – and yet there is more drama in the Merrick household than a high school cheer squad!  I mean really!  So they don’t cry or act all wimpy, but come on.  Really, Gabriel?  You aren’t going to just deny setting the fires because “I shouldn’t have to say it…”?  Guys don’t act like that.  If they have something to say, especially when provoked, they just say it!  (that’s often why girls end up with hurt feelings: guys don’t roll punches)  I think it was about at that point that I put the book down the first time. 

Of course, like I said, partly I just wasn’t in the mood for it when it first came out.  Lately I’d been thinking about them again and decided part of the problem was the wait in between.  When I started Spark I’d forgotten most of Storm so a lot of it didn’t make sense.  This time I read all three in order (and within 2 days) and they were great.  I got over the whole drama thing because the rest of the story really was captivating.  And I really do love the characters.  Gabriel still isn’t my favorite of them, but once I got into it again I started liking him more.  I think maybe if I’m honest he portrays the most “normal teenage guy” the best, and that’s why I didn’t like him at first.  I mean, he really isn’t that mature, but then he’s just 17.  A lot of YA writers tend to make their characters way too mature (yes, I’m talking about Bella here), but Kemmerer doesn’t.  Her characters stay pretty true to their age, which is good.

All in all, I’m just excited to hear that she’s working on several more books.  And now I’m going to shut up and go read Fearless since I just learned it exists while working on this post.
BTW- If any of my readers are guys and want to give me some insight into whether or not these characters are realistic portrayals of guys, I would LOVE to hear.  I know one person who always says that a woman should never write from a guy’s POV because she never gets it right (women just don’t think the same).  Is that the case here, too? 

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