Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wake Up and Read Something Else


This book was… as I sit her so many adjectives come to mind, but the only one that really fits is… forgettable.  Sorry Karice, but it really wasn’t anything to write home about (or much of a blog).  The reviews went on and on about how sweet it was (the snow, the Christmas spirit, etc) and it was sweet… sickly-give-you-a-toothache-sweet.  

I really can’t use words like “interesting,” because most of it has been done before in one way or another.  “Different” is another word I often use when I can’t decide what to say, but this one wasn’t that either.  I guess I’ll have to use the dreaded word… dun, dun, dun… boring.  If I wasn’t sick at the time of reading I don’t think I’d have even finished it.  As it was, I think she meant for the ending to be a cliffhanger, but knowing that this was a trilogy pretty much gave the ending away.  “Cliffhanger” or not, I have no desire to read the next books. 

As I look back at it, I think the thing I really didn’t like (besides the too sweet feel) was that Ana’s emotions didn’t seem one bit realistic.  One minute she was worried about something (like something really terribly wrong) and her family would reassure her that it would all be ok.  The next second, despite going on and on about how trusting people was a new experience for her, she was happy and content again.   Maybe white angels can’t hold bad thoughts?  Still, it made everything about the story seem so fake.  Everyone who knows the stories I like, knows that character development is one of the main things I prize and this story had NONE.  All the characters were as static as can be (despite the fact that Ana was supposed to be going through this huge “awakening” process… hence the name of the book).

Overall, if you’re looking for something to read I will be glad to send you a list of better books.  Maybe you want over the top sweet… I still wouldn’t go here.  It’s just not well written enough.  Like I said, I have lists and many on them are very sweet books.  Just, please don’t waste your time with this one.  Time is a valuable thing, and I’ve already wasted enough of it on this book.

UPDATE:  I wrote this post a while back and when looking for something to put up today I saw the title: Awakening by Karice Bolton.  My response was: “Awakening?  Awakening?  What was that again?”  I guess the word “forgettable” was the best description I could have given.

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