Tuesday, April 30, 2013

For Ever and Never


Ummm… WOW!  First books in a long time that really blew me away.  This “series” (for lack of a better word… not sure what to call it when it’s only 2 books) is awesome.  I completely love Wren and Ever.  Best fictional couple for me so far this year.

The funny thing is that for the first half of the first For Ever I was almost laughing at C.J. Valles.  I mean she basically copied Twilight’s plot completely:  new girl in school, meets amazingly hot guy, he acts weird when he sees her, he disappears for a few days, returns only to ignore her except for saving her life a couple times… could we get any more similar on the plotline?  The only difference is that she’s the one who can read minds!  I mean, even the fact that someone can read minds hints at Twilight, lol!  I guess Valles knew we would draw this conclusion because at one point when Wren is trying to figure out what Ever is she notes that he has a great tan so he must not be a vampire. 

But remember, it’s all about characters for me, and Wren is not at all Bella and Ever is NOTHING like Edward.  So I kept reading.  And am I glad I did!  I liked the fact that Wren is someone who takes destiny into her own hands.  Granted her biggest move doesn’t work out all that well for her or anyone else, but hey, at least she didn’t just sit there waiting for lighting to strike.  She is a very independent young woman and she wants to make her own decisions and takes full responsibility for the consequences. 

Ever is a very different character too.  He’s a little over protective at times, but since he knows way more about what’s really going on it makes sense.  He really should fill her in on things better, but I think he’s just too used to keeping things secret.  What I do love about him though is that he knows her well enough to let her be herself and make her own decisions.  Even though he often knows they won’t work out so well he gives her the space she needs to work things out.  It takes a good person to let the one you love branch out and not smother them.

I would definitely recommend these books to any YA Paranormal fans out there.

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