Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How to Make a Nice Dinner

                   1.  Don’t get distracted and start reading essays from your favorite 
                authors while looking for a recipe online.
           2.  Don’t try and finish the rest of the chapter while the water boils.
           3.  Don’t read why stirring whatever happens to be in the skillet.

           4.  And for heaven sake, when your kiddos point out that the timer 
                has been going off for quite some time…. Stop reading and go take 
                dinner out of the oven.

That’s all I got.  Hope you weren’t expecting some amazing recipes or something.  

And in case you were wondering:  no... I don't follow any of these rules;  
I just know they would help if I did.

Happy Independence Day everyone!

1 comment:

  1. For my adoring wife; you are an amazing and beautiful woman that I am blessed to have! I agree with you that these are important rules which you need to be reminded at times. Regardless, a few missed dinners or smoke alarms here and there are worth you spending time with your imaginary friends when I'm not here to keep you company - Love Ya!