Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Keegan's Chronicles


I got the first book in this series for free on Kindle.  It started off ok.  An interesting look at Elves (I loved how it got into all their traditions, etc), but nothing too gripping.  Then about 2/3 of the way through the first book it got really good.  From there it went weird for a while but by the time it ended I felt like screaming my favorite Monica line from Friends: “Shut up!!  It Just. Got. Interesting!”  

So of course I went back and bought the Keegan's Chronicles Trilogy Set (which was cheaper than buying the next 2 books separately).  I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed them.  It was a bit different from my typical read in that it was Third Person Omniscient POV, but I kinda liked knowing what was going on in Rourk’s life as well as Keegan’s.  I also liked that it wasn’t just about one type of mythical creature.  There were loads of “creatures of light” and they all interacted.  That made it more fun.

Once again the stupid love triangle came into play in the second book, but here it sort of made things interesting.  I was rooting for Rourk the whole time, of course, but I could see Keegan’s point.  I mean isn’t it just a little weird that apparently they had been picked as “perfect for each other” by some magical force and yet without the magical bond they seemed to have nothing in common.  I would think that 2 people who are “made for each other” would have some sort of connection with or without magic.  

Even though the series is “Keegan’s story” (and by extension “Rourk’s) I have to say that Keegan's younger brother, Thaddeus, is probably my favorite character.  He’s so smart, and SO sneaky.  He has this amazing gift and really isn’t allowed to use it much, but he finds ways around that.  Then if his gift fails him, he has the smarts to manipulate circumstances and people to get the needed result.  I went back and read the short story from his POV (In The Mind of Thaddeus) because I really like him so much.  It was ok, but really too condensed.  I would really like a full novel spin-off story about him as he gets older.

Speaking of spin-off stories:  I tried reading Keegan's friend, Anna’s, story but it just got really weird and into occult practices which I am not at all interested in.  I don’t think I’ll read her friend Lauren’s story because the book description on Amazon sounds like it’s a sad story.  I really like my happy endings (most of the time).

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