Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Series of Significance


This morning I cut my finger open… the only good thing about this was getting to finish my book series at the doctor’s office while waiting to get stitches.  So… I tell you this so you understand that I am typing with 9 fingers because these books were so freakin’ awesome I can’t wait to write about them! (wow… I just used the work “freakin’” in my writing… maybe I can write my own story from a teenage girl’s POV someday, haha)

This story was amazing!  And what’s really funny is that I had almost given up searching through the YA Paranormal books on Amazon (everything I was finding that day seemed so cliché) when I stumbled upon Significance and decided to give it a try.  I was hooked by 10% in (sorry, no page numbers on my Kindle).  The world of the Aces is so intriguing.   

Imprinting is not a new concept.  I can’t find records of it before Twilight but obviously Twilight was around before these books so like I said, not new.  However, Aces take Imprinting to a whole new level.  It’s not just the paranormal being (werewolf/Ace) who feels it, both parties feel it equally strong.  Not only that they HAVE to be with each other, if they are away and can’t have physical touch they go into withdrawals and that is serious stuff.  Withdrawals are like the worst case of the flu you can imagine… so much pain you can’t really think and ZERO energy.  Eventually you go mad.  

But all that isn’t what I loved about Cranes’s take on Imprinting.  What I loved is that the male who imprints can actually feel the heartbeat of his Significant in his own chest and he is aware of it every single minute.  If she feels stressed or scared, her heartbeat changes and he knows instantly that she needs him.  His touch sooths her feelings and can even heal her physical body AND vice versa.  There is nothing an imprinted person won’t do for the well-being of his or her significant.  What’s not to love about that?  And honestly, isn’t that what true love should be?  

I also loved that Aces don’t have sex before marriage, and that they believe that God is the one who gave them their gifts.  No, this isn’t a Christian series, but it’s still cool when that tidbit was thrown in.  It’s also cool that despite everything in their bodies wanting each other they remain strong until marriage.  And even though Maggie was human before the imprinting she has always wanted to wait as well.

Even beyond all that the plot of these stories is amazing.  After reading as many books as I do—especially in the same genre—many of them seem to get very predictable.  Even the ones that don’t have the same plot are still on the same wave-length, so to speak.  These weren’t!  They were so original.  Every time I would start to think I knew what was going to happen something would throw me for a loop.  I think the only thing I saw coming was Jen and Bish… and that was supposed to be obvious.  

So is there anything I have to say that’s negative?  Sadly, yes.  Crane falls short on… naming things.  I mean basically they're superheroes and she names them “Aces” … the head of their clan is called a “Champion” … the most important person in the world to you is called your “significant” (she just seemed to have left off the word “other”) and the worst is … the most intimate act the Significants can share is called “mutualizing” (I mean, really?  It sounds like they’re going through their assets and moving around mutual funds).  

So does the bad naming of things take away from the story?  Absolutely NOT.  I loved all four of them.  Such a beautiful love story that went against all odds.  Supposedly there will be another Significants book coming in 2014, and I’m sure I’ll read it, but these tied everything up and left me with such a feeling of contentment I’m not dying until the next one…. If I had picked these up before they were all written it would be a TOTALLY different story.  Do not pick them up unless you are prepared to read all 4 because you won’t be able to put them down until you have read every last page!

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