Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's What I Do

Confession:  I write a blog that centers around YA Paranormal/Fantasy books (obviously), but there are times, between chapters of vampire gore and werewolf myth, that I get tired of it all.  Sometimes I even question my love of reading.  When I tire of the suspense and the mayhem, the petty high school dramas, I question… what if I’m just tired of reading?  What if my life turns upside down and I end up like everyone else and turn only to mindless TV instead of a good book (I’m not knocking TV… it’s just not “me” to want that when I need an escape).   

 It’s in times like these I turn to Jane Austen.  When I question the merits of reading I pick up Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, or Persuasion and I go back to a simpler time.  I escape from my escape, so to speak.  

Sometimes I don’t even wait between books.  At the moment I’m reading a crazy, gory, not too original vampire novel in the evenings and Persuasion at other intervals of the day.  The vampire novel is honestly pretty boring, but I decided it was boring about 75% of the way into it and a part of me still wants to know how it ends (boring or not).  Persuasion on the other hand is written by Jane Austen.  While some of her works may be tiring to read… meaning they take more work and are a harder read, boring cannot possibly describe them.

So do I ever really get completely tired of reading?  Of course, I’m only human.  There are times when I prefer to watch a movie or something on TV, but overall reading’s my thing… it’s what I love and I will always go back to it in one form/genre or another.

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  1. I love the line "escape from my escape." It is an interesting concept, but one I suppose we all need from time to time. Thanks!