Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Why You Might NOT Want to Read in the Car Line


So based on previous posts you know I like to read in the car line waiting to pick up my kids from school.  Well, the other day I was doing just that when BAM!  No I didn’t get hit or hit anyone else… I read something that knocked me off my feet and I almost started crying, and then how do you make it home with tears in your eyes?


It shouldn’t have happened either!  I was not almost to the end of the story (which of course could have ended badly).  I’m always careful not to read the endings of my stories while out of the house in case the tears start.  No, this was about 70% in and BOOM the love of her life dies!  WHAT?!?!!   That is NOT supposed to happen.  There is not enough story left for her to process this and move on with the looming war (and the name of the book is The Last so I know it’s the end of the series).  So why????   I was shocked and in disbelief as I drove home as safely as possible.  And then there were kids to feed and homework to help with…. How was I supposed to just go on with life?

It turns out that, of course, the supernatural intervened.  (I mean, DUH, this is a book about angels, or more specifically their offspring.)   And Daniel is brought back to life by an angel (I know, completely unrealistic but I don’t read paranormal for realism).  However, I didn’t get to find this out until after dinner.

Over all the series was amazing though.  I wrote a little while back about the first book, The Watchers and how much I loved it.  Well, I ended up loving all 4 books.  There are some pretty tough parts.  Clare ends up living on the streets for a while in The Seekers and that is hard to “watch.”  She has to learn to beg – though for her things are easier since she can read thoughts and tell who will be sympathetic – and that was a hard thing for me, as a mother, to come to grips with.  And then that book ends with her being kidnapped and taken away to be tortured (also a hard part).

But all through the books the characters are so strong but still real.  And they grow.  I hate static characters.  These characters face tough things and change through them.  They really have evolved by the end of the series. 

I would definitely recommend these books… just be prepared for a LOT of twists and turns (not just the ones I’ve mentioned) and don’t get caught crying in public over fictional characters. 

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  1. Driving home with tears in your eyes only to discover he is brought back to life . . . reminds me of when Jesus wept even though he knew he was about to bring Lazarus back.