Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pet Peeve Strikes Again!


So there is a reason that Peeves in Harry Potter has the name that he does.  He strikes at the most inopportune times and is annoying every single time.  My pet peeve does the same.  What is it you might ask… books with cliff hangers where the next book isn’t written yet!  UGH!

I started the Unholy Alliance series by accident.  I found a short story (something I usually don’t even look twice at) and decided I needed something short to fill in the gap between the last books I had read and finding the next good series.  It ended on a cliff hanger!  Once again, UGH!  So I went out and found the rest of the books.  They came in a “boxed set” (something I find ironic since they are all digital).  So I jumped to the immediate conclusion that a “boxed set” means the series is finished in its entirety…. NOT SO.

It turns out that the short story I had read was actually a supplemental book in between the first two books of the series.  And guess what EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. ends on a cliff hanger!  

The books are pretty good (minus the pet peeve part) except that they really should have been written in 3rd person omniscient.  You do need to know what the characters are thinking, but by the 3rd book (or is it second novel and the short story doesn’t count?) it is jumping between so many POVs that it is really hard to keep up.  And even when it was only going between 2 POVs it wasn’t written well enough to pull it off.  The internal dialogs were too similar.  

But like I said, the story line was good, and it has a very good theme.  The overall lesson of the books is that everyone is lovable even if they don’t see it themselves.  They are written by 2 sisters which I find interesting.  Oh, and they deal with Vampires and Chasers (people born to kill Vamps) so of course I like them.

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