Tuesday, January 14, 2014

You Read Where???

Pretty much anyone who knows me (or has read this blog from the beginning) knows that I love to read pretty much anywhere…  the doctor’s office, the car line picking up kids at school, waiting for water to boil (please make sure that you read my rules about this one {HERE} before attempting).  So why am I totally baffled when I go into people’s houses and they have reading material provided in the bathroom?

I read everywhere else but that just seems foreign to me.  I mean, why would you want to associate your nice story with… well… toilet activities?  Honestly, if the reading material was placed next to the bathtub and you were staying over-night with someone it would make sense to me (I love to read while I soak in a steaming hot tub), but I see it in tiny little guest half-baths more often than not.

My only thought has been that most of the time what I see is Guy Mags.  You know like Car and Driver, or Field and Stream type magazines.  So is this a guy thing?  The reading-while-you-do-your-business-thing?  Is that why I don’t get it?

Help me out here people... what am I missing?

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